We are moving

We must apologyze! We are moving from our old CMS hosting to a new one. A lot of content is being reviewed, edited and uploaded again. Besides, we are playing with our look and feel. It is talking mor[...]

B2B – Real Time Sales – 2019 Trends

We can now claim that we are in the Artificial Intelligence era. Along the last 10 years, there have been so many changes and technological improvements that we hadn’t got time enough to realize[...]

Digital economy in Chile

These days “digital transformation” is trending topic. Companies must move their traditional models and/or process towards a new solutions much more technical. For sure, this transformatio[...]


Remote team management: obtaining the best results

It is highly probable that you are a great leader, you work with a good team and you show great results almost daily. However, having this great success with remote teams is quite more difficult and i[...]


Surprising costs in your business expansion

When a company chooses to expand their business to a new country, they would start making an small analysis: market prospection, barriers, access to local providers, potential customers and so on. If [...]

Equipos de trabajo a distancia

Management of teams working remotely

Some of the areas of your company may have to work together, they may need to share or to ask for some information (like the finance department) or may be because they must develop and adapt a new pro[...]

cultural barrier

Some cultural barriers that we do not keep in mind

We all know that when you start your business in a foreign country there is a cultural barrier. This barrier is, by far, the most known one, but in most cases is the most ignored one or at least it is[...]