Equipos de trabajo a distancia

Some of the areas of your company may have to work together, they may need to share or to ask for some information (like the finance department) or may be because they must develop and adapt a new product. What if these teams were miles away one from each other? How can we ensure an efficient work?

Communication between both teams must be clear, without errors. As always. However, in this case it must follow quite an special order. From the beginning of the new subsidiary it must be defined how it’s going to be the flow, define  the communication process between both areas. Chain of command must work perfectly. If somebody skips the process there might be some ugly consequences. People must always look for the person responsible of the group or area related to the tasks needed to be done. It is very common that people are in a hurry, for example, they need a single modification in one of the products. As he needs to have this done as quickly as possible, there is a chance that he goes straight to the person that will solve his problem, avoiding the process. If he makes this once, there will be no problem, if he makes this often, then people will start to argue. So, supervisors must have really clear the work that is doing his team, he must know all other tasks that are to be done, and, most important, must know how to prior correctly.

A person who works miles away doesn’t know what’s happening on the other side. They may be overloaded with work, they may have additional stress, they may be using all time to complete other task than are more important than yours and many other things that you may ignore. As you won’t have this knowledge, feedback is the most powerful tool, is a must indeed. Give and receive feedback. Just an answer like “I have read it” can give some calm. Easy.

Remember to define all tasks of each team member, the tasks of their supervisors, define the process, and, finally, be sure that everyone is following the process. In giant corporations this kind of process are usually well defined, but, supervisors must take care that the process is followed as established. On the other side, medium and small companies should define this communication process as soon as possible to keep an order to avoid any kind of problem.

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