It is highly probable that you are a great leader, you work with a good team and you show great results almost daily. However, having this great success with remote teams is quite more difficult and it will be good to have in mind a few things to improve your results. It doesn’t matter whether you are working in a huge company or in a small one, you will need to use some more resources than usual to get a perfect management and a perfect remote team work.

The most important thing is to know how to delegate, if the leader of the company does not know how to do this, the best would be to forget about international expansion. He will fail and waste money and time. On the other hand, there are just a few leaders in a multinational that do not know how to delegate. You are not one of them.

Next, it is a must to have a confidence in the person who is going to be in charge of your subsidiary (a Country Manager).The CEO of the company will be miles away from him, he must know that is the perfect person for the job: responsible. If after a certain period you do not trust in your CM or you have doubts about how he *or she* works, it would be better to evaluate a change. This change will mean an extra cost, but sometimes it is needed. You need to find something that has a kind of “autonomy” in his task, so you are freed from making some decisions and the follow up will be easier. This is, by the way, the third important issue that you must know.

Make a correct follow up

  • You will need some informs and reports now and then. Remember about what we saw about surprising costs.
  • However, let him breathe, do not harass or overwhelm him. I am sure that as a leader you will know how to handle this.
  • This follow up must be done always. No matter whether the business is going great or extremely awful. Do it.
  • Never let people to feel abandoned. Do not only make questions and ask for reports. You must also speak him about the company, news, hiring, new strategies and so on.
  • You must also delegate the follow up, at least from some areas. For example, the finance to your CFO, and any other tasks that you think they are necessary, delegate them.

Another day we will read some additional issues, like the communication between two teams that work remotely, how to manage travels to your subsidiaries and a few other things. However, as a starter, these are unforgettable points that can be reduced to three important points: delegate, trust in your Country Manager and give an appropriate follow up.

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